Tudley Didn't Know
Tudley Didn't Know is a delightful story about a pond-living turtle (painted turtle) who adopts other animals' behaviors – simply because he doesn't know he can't! Tudley flies like a bird, sings like a katydid, hops like a frog, and glows like a firefly. He uses all his special behaviors to help other animals. Will Tudley's friends help him when he needs help? John Himmelman's whimsical illustrations draw readers (children and adults alike) into the story. The "Creative Minds" section includes crafts and information about animal adaptations and their habitats.
Written by John Himmelman
Illustrated by John Himmelman
32 pg, 10 x 8.5, Ages 4-8, Grades PK-3
Lexile: AD 520, AR: 2.8, RC: 2.7, F&P: L
Hardcover ISBN: 9780976494362, $15.95
Paperback ISBN: 9781934359044, $8.95
Educator Keywords:   behavioral adaptation, pond animals, adaptations, life science, adaptations, craft
Animals in the book:   fireflies, leopard frogs, painted turtles, ruby-throated hummingbirds
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“This is a great book to read to children as we ask them to not consider their limitations, but their possibilities…. The illustrations are detailed and adorable, and readers will love Tudley.” - Library Media Connection

“The story is humorous enough to keep children as well as adults giggling. This touching tale of kindness and hope will prove to be a favorite.” – Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database

“John Himmelman has created a special, delightful book, which will spark a deeper sense of imagination in his young readers. The story hums along and the illustrations follow in a fascinating, animating style. Highly recommended for preschool through early elementary years!” – Children’s Book Reviews

Author/Illustrator Info:

John Himmelman (Tudley Didn't Know) has written and/or illustrated over 60 children's books since 1981. His award-winning book "Pipaluk and the Whales" (published by National Geographic) is based on the true story of how far people will go to save their wild neighbors. John's series of 13 different books (published by Children's Press, a division of Scholastic) includes such titles as: A Monarch Butterfly's Life, A Pillbug's Life, A Luna Moth's Life, and A Woodfrog's, Life. He based his Animal Rescue Club (Harper Collins) beginning reader book on a group of real children who rescued orphaned and injured wildlife. John's first book for adults,Discovering Moths, was recently published by Downeast Books. Most of John's book stem from his obvious passion for animals and nature. When John isn't busy writing or illustrating his books, he is involved with the CT Butterfly Association; the Killingworth Land Conservation Trust leads nature walks and gives natural history lectures throughout the country. He works with schools by offering special science observation programs, and teaches courses on children's book writing. As if he isn't busy enough, John has two children (one in college and one in high school) and a working wife (high school art teacher) with a busy life of her own. John says he has never lost his love of reading and ends each day curled up in bed with a good book! Visit John’s Website.

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